LIVE! Play

Welcome WTA tennis enthusiasts! Now you can watch all of your favorite tennis players and matches from the Hawaii Open right here, LIVE! With your payment activation you will receive access to our live streaming tournament video. We process all payments through PayPal’s secure server. After you have made your payment, you will be redirected back to our site where you can now access the live streaming video.

You have 2 payment options:

1. Day Pass $5

This pass gives you 8 hours of access and will automatically refresh your browser when your time is up.

2. VIP Week Pass $10

This pass gives you access to the entire week of play. You must register with our website first in order to pay for this option. After you have made payment, you will be able to close your browser window and still have access to the video stream in that browser. Your can access that page once you are logged into your account by clicking here.

* You will be granted access via the computer (IP address) that you made your purchase from. You can close your browser and still maintain access rights until your time has expired. Hawaii Open is not responsible for video quality, airtime or live streaming technicalities. Please direct any concerns or issues with the LIVE! Play portion of our site to our webmasterYou will be redirected to our secure page where you must make a payment to view the live feed of our tournament

Remember to check our tournament schedule for match times and dates in order to optimize your viewing experience. Once your time has expired, you will have the ability to pay again for an additional 8 hours of streaming.


Guided instructions on how to access full week of play through our membership platform. Click the + icon to view!



  1. Once on the secure payment page, click on the $10 VIP week pass  button … (PLEASE NOTE: We have changed the pricing from $35 to $10 for the live streaming option. Some of the following screenshots may not reflect that price but the instructions remain the same.)



2. Click Register…



3. Create a user name and enter your email…



4. Look for the confirmation text and check your email for your new registration (can take up to 5 mins, your email client may look different than this example)…screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-05-18-pm



5. Click on the link inside your email…



6. You will be redirected to RESET your password. Make it something easy to remember…



7. After you have reset your password, it is time to LOGIN…



8. Once you are logged in you will be back at the payment page. Notice the LOG OUT button in the top right. This verifies that you are logged in. Now, click the $35 VIP week pass payment option again…



9. You will be redirected to PAYPAL. Please choose how you would like to pay. You may login to your paypal account, or simply pay with a card without an account…



10.  After entering your payment information, click AGREE AND PAY. You will then see the payment confirmation screen where you will need to RETURN TO OUR WEBSITE.



11. Upon return, you should see the LIVE! PLAY page notifying you that you are now watching the streaming video. If you don’t see play, please consult our schedule to make sure that there is a match in progress. Remember, we are on Hawaii time!screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-08-17-pm