Misaki Doi

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Misaki Doi
NameMisaki Doi
Representsjpn JPN
Singles Titles1 (WTA), 2 (WTA 125k)
Highest WTA Ranking30 (2016)
Profile data courtesy ATP/WTA

Meet Misaki Doi

The Hawaii Open is pleased to welcome back Misaki Doi! Doi’s career highlights include winning the 2015 Luxembourg Open, the 2016 San Antonio Open WTA 125k, and most recently, the 2019 Swedish Open WTA 125k. Doi played in the Hawaii Open WTA 125k in 2017.


Born April 29, 1991, in Yokohama, Japan, and was introduced to tennis at age 6 by her parents.
Has trained at National Training Center in Tokyo since 2008.
Father is a businessman; mother is a housewife; older brother, Ryota, is a tennis coach.
All-court player who likes being aggressive.
Also enjoys shopping and watching Japanese movies.
Idol growing up was Henin “because she’s small in stature but had a very aggressive game.”

Information from Misaki Doi’s WTA bio page. 
Image credit: Shutterstock.com
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