Hawaii Open Ticket Policy

ALL TICKET SALES ARE FINAL – NO REFUNDS/CREDITS – NO RETURNS – NO EXCHANGES – under any circumstance. Tournament management will use its best efforts to accommodate the Holder of this ticket at a subsequent session if the session for which this ticket is issued is postponed or canceled due to weather or other causes beyond our control. If no similar type tickets are available at the subsequent session, the ticket for the cancelled session will generally be honored as a Grounds Pass based on availability. There is no guarantee that ticket holders can be accommodated. The session time, duration, and date are subject to change without prior notice. Holder agrees to submit to security checks prior to, or during entry to the Hawaii Open. NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED WITHIN THE STADIUM OR AT OR NEAR ANY TENNIS COURT OR ON THE GROUNDS.

This ticket constitutes a revocable license for the specific session for which it is issued. No seat license or guaranteed seating location is created hereby for other sessions in this Event or other Events. We reserve the right to refuse admission and service to anyone and to relocate, remove and/or evict anyone not cooperating with Event/Stadium staff or not complying with the rules and regulations of the Hawaii Open or otherwise engaging in illegal, disruptive, or dangerous behavior. RESALE OF THIS TICKET AND ANY ACCOMPANYING PARKING PASS(ES) IS PROHIBITED. If either is offered for resale, this ticket and/or the accompanying parking pass(es) may be seized and canceled without compensation.

Holder grants permission and gives consent to the owner, manager and/or promoter of the Event for which this ticket is issued, and any of their designees, to (a) record, videotape and photograph Holder at the Event and (b) utilize Holder’s name, likeness, image, voice, writings and other identification in any manner, in and on any media, in perpetuity and without payment or approval, including (for example) in any and all: still pictures of/from the Event; live or recorded television, radio, wireless, or internet transmissions of the Event; and in general promotion of the Event and the owner, manager and/or promoter of the Event.

Holder voluntarily ASSUMES ALL RISKS and DANGERS incidental to being at the Hawaii Open as a spectator at the Event for which the ticket is issued. Holder agrees that the owner, manager, and/or promoter of the Event, the owner and manager of the Hawaii Open, and each of their respective members, agents and affiliates, the players, participants, officials, sponsors, vendors, suppliers, volunteers, and/or performers for the Event are not responsible or liable for any injury, loss, or damage occurring out of or incidental to the Event held at the Hawaii Open for which this ticket is issued or Holder’s presence at the Hawaii Open and any adjacent properties used for the Event.

Holder may not collect, disseminate, transmit, publish or release from the Hawaii Open any match related data or information at any time during that match.

Player Policy

Player commitments and appearances are subject to change.